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Journey, because life is short.

I grew up in one town. Always stayed around the same places and didn't venture too far from home. It was safe, simple, routine. But there always lacked inside something that was pushing me further. It's taken me my whole life to realize that with life (sometimes most comfortable staying in one spot) you might be missing out on some change or memory that wouldn't exist unless you jumped, took a leap, chanced an opportunity. I recently got that chance. So reserved and comfortable yet feeling quite the opposite inside for years now, I wondered how my passions and work were so creative, but I myself was missing a big part of that creative process. Sure songs were written in response to life happenings and apps created because the opportunity was there. But what if a radical leap brought radical change and new perspective? Life is short. So reach for it. Six years ago people told me I'd never make it in the tech industry or music industry. Six years later....well the story speaks for itself. I leaped, took a chance and here I am. Successful in life not from money or popularity, but from the satisfaction that I've lived without regrets. There is no such thing as failure. Failures are only stepping stones to your dream.

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