Our Clients

   Over the years we've worked with a number of different clients. From individuals to city contracts, to Fortune 500 companies and large medical organizations, we've created solutions and products that tailor specifically to their needs. But everyone today is hyped up on a social scale of how many likes or followers or large name organizations to use it as a measure of success. This is where we're different. You won't find us on social media. You won't find our owner profile on LinkedIn. What you will find is an old school style of word of mouth~word is your bond type of business that has unfortunately become opaque in this digital age. If we can help you, then we call it success. So if you're looking for a big name list, we've got it. We just don't post it because it doesn't matter who you are, we treat you the same. You're our client. You're our focus. 


  Jeremy Lee - Owner


Pronto Tax School

This mobile application is a custom designed fully voice controlled app designed for iOS and Android. The app allows students to take their courses on the go, get important tax updates for clients instantly and handle all of it hands free. With a visual interactive user interface, students and professionals in the tax world can tackle the requirements for continuing education all in the palm of their hand.


Going Fit

This website and mobile application was custom designed for a fitness group. Combining the ease of use with sign ups online, calendar integrations, and instructor mobile access, the cloud based solution provided a seamless experience for all end users.

Main - GF.PNG
Main - Classes.PNG
Main - Schedule.PNG
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Flex Mitt Punch Counter

This mobile application was a redesign from the original developer. Working from a fresh slate, we incorporated multi-user functionality, saved data options and better bluetooth connectivity for the trainers. Redesigned for both portrait and landscape mode, the fighter style user interface with directional clarity brought ease of use and attention to user stats for increased performance.

Simulator Screen Shot - iPad Pro (9.7-in

My Sticker Book

This mobile application was designed and built by Taylor, my 9 year old daughter. Want to create your own scene with multiple sticker options? Just touch, drag and place as many as you'd like. Save your photos to your own album and let your creativity expand. We are currently working on a new cloud version to instantly save and share how you'd like.

Simulator Screen Shot - iPad Pro (12.9-i
Simulator Screen Shot - iPad Pro (9.7-in
Simulator Screen Shot - iPad Pro (9.7-in
Simulator Screen Shot - iPad Pro (9.7-in

Coast Landscape

This custom mobile application was designed for both iPhone and iPad. It consolidated all the companies paper forms into a digital format. Providing the solution that saved hundreds of hours for the company, it proved to be a worthwhile investment for going paperless.

Simulator Screen Shot - iPad Pro (9.7-in
Simulator Screen Shot - iPad Pro (9.7-in
Simulator Screen Shot - iPad Pro (9.7-in
Simulator Screen Shot - iPad Pro (9.7-in

Blue Cross Blue Shield NC Agent NC

This custom mobile application was designed for iPad. It was an application for the Medicare sales reps for the NC area. What used to take multiple steps to have a client fill out a form by hand, then be entered into a system manually is now set to do everything in one step. With an age specific tailored application for a visual experience that is adaptable, we simplified the enrollment process altogether.

Simulator Screen Shot - iPad Pro (9.7-in
Simulator Screen Shot - iPad Pro (9.7-in
Simulator Screen Shot - iPad Pro (9.7-in