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Jeremy Lee

Owner & Founder

Born and raised in Southern California, I grew up having a passion for life. Through all my failures, I learned. Through all my successes, I celebrated. I never gave up and never stopped learning. And though it hasn't been an easy road to where life has taken me, I wouldn't change any of it. I strive each day to be an example to those around me and my family and consider every moment in life just as precious as the last. Never take anything for granted and live as if today were your last day. Never stop loving and never give up. For all of you who are pursuing a dream or a goal, keep going and make today better than yesterday. Go make a difference in the world. So at 602 Industry, we strive to put passion of life into our work. It's our core belief in business.

Passion and striving make tech worth making. 

...Let us make a difference in your life.


Jeremy Lee

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