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Falling is okay, just remember to get back up.


As funny as I found this to be, sometimes it's good to be reminded of not just your successes but your failures too. We grow from failure more than we grow from success. In a most recent project, I ran into a problem that had no solution. I ran into it head on and thought "I can take this on and I'm gonna get it no matter how long it takes". It's great in theory but we often lose perspective of other options and angles we can take. I never got that solution, but I stepped back and adjusted my perspective to find a different option that provided the same results. I failed at my goal. I was no longer standing and looking at the problem. I was on the ground now looking up at the issue, a perspective I hadn't seen before. The result - I found a solution, not my original one but one that worked and worked even better than before. If your stuck on something, it's okay to fail and admit it. Once you have that different perspective, just get back up again.

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